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Folk & Country Melodies

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Hey there.

I don't often visit these forums, but whenever I have they've been really helpful in informing me, hopefully nothing's changed :P

Basically, I started trying to write my own songs, was able to come up with words ok, and managed to get a couple of pretty good folk/country sounding melodies. Here's the problem though; I seemed to come up with the melodies almost by chance, just by strumming the chords and changing the progressions, timing etc. and humming different notes...The only problem I've noted now is that I seem to come up with fairly similar stuff every time I do it.

To get to the point:
I was interested in learning about the different methods in coming up with melodies. I'm only really interested in folk (alla early Dylan) and country (alla Hank Williams) at the moment, so if you could veer any advice towards those genres, that would be awesome. It would also be great if you could describe any easier ways to adapt an exsisting melody, if such methods exsist.

Also, just out of interest, do you any of you happen to know (Not really sure how you'd obtain this information, but it's worth a try) how the likes of Dylan would have come up with his melodies? Something worth knowing...

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help,