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How do I know what this chord is

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The chord consists of F# a d b . So in theory it could be

1 3 4 5- F#sus4

1 3 5 6- D6

1 3 5 7 - Bmaj7

But Which is it?

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It's Bm7

B to D is the minor third giving you the Bm chord.

B to F# is the 5th completing the chord

B to A is the 7th

Your other options:

1 3 4 5- F#sus4 - this doesn't work because the sus4 needs to replace the (minor) 3rd in your chord, not add to it.

1 3 5 6- D6 - yes, you could call it this and many books and guitarists often do.

1 3 5 7 - Bmaj7 - this was your closest guess. But - Bmaj7 has a D# and an A# in it - giving you B, D# (major third), F# (the 5th) and A# the major 7th

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