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Looking for good place to go from G in a Am, Cadd9, G progre

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So I've got something simple and nice sounding going with an Am (open), Cadd9 (open), G (open) arpeggio/strum progression.

I basically pluck three strings, the first note being the first note of the respective chord, strumming down on G at the end

I'm wanting to take it to another chord higher than open G that sounds good. I'm guessing this would be a bar chord with standard tuning. I'm very rusty with my music theory...what are some musically appropriate places to take it (note/chord-wise) in this progression?

Oh and I apologize in advance if I'm not asking this question correctly or in the correct place or sounding stupid in general, this is my first time posting on this site

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This site may help:

I'm not sure exactly what key you are in, but given that progression, it sounds G major-ish. I'd look at going to D or D7 from there, or maybe to B minor depending on what you are after.

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You might also like a few of our Guitar Noise articles on this subject:

There are all sorts of choices for you when it comes to writing. Lars' and Big Lar's choices are very good. You could start with Bm and move the whole progression up a full step:

Bm - x24432

Dadd9 - x5755

A - 557655

Or you could come up with variations of the D and A to take advantage of the open strings:

Bm - x24432

Dadd9 - xx0770

Aadd9 - x07600

You might even think about simply use different voicings or embellishments of the chords you're already playing. For instance, you could go with:

Am7 - x0555

C6 - x3555

Gadd9 - 3x0005

Don't shy away from just trying things out to see how you like the sounds and whether or not the new chords compliment the mood you've established with what you've already chosen.

Looking forward to hearing how this progression progresses!