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Opinion on two Book...
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Opinion on two Books

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I went to a local music store and bought two books I found interesting:
1) Music Reading for Guitar by David Oakes
2) The Art of Classical Guitar Playing by Charles Duncan

Any opinions (strong/weak points, etc.?


Alberto Odor, MD
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Haven't heard of either of em. sorry man.

The meaning of life? I've never heard a simpler question! Music.

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Finding a good music book is going to depend heavily on where you are as a musician and where you want to go. I just got Tom's (Noteboat) book and find it's filling in some blanks that I've had even though I've played and had some theory knowledge for about 20 years. Definately worth the twenty that I slapped down on it. And he signed it too! :lol:

As for the other ones, sorry, no info. Until Tom's book, I was an instructional video type of player. I can tell you alot about that. :wink:

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