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Starting to learn pentatonics, any good sources to use?

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I recently went back to playing my guitar, I'm loving it. I've started looking up pentatonics as I'd love to improvise to some background music, but I can't find any good places with all the information neatly served, is it just me?? what's your experience been like in looking for this?? What did you use and what do you recommend?

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Great question. Pentatonics have come up a few times in the newsletter recently. I've found a couple of "neatly served" pentaonic lessons on other sites.

The best is a video lesson on Active Melody - The Ultimate Guide to Pentanic Scales (EP 436). You could follow that up with EP 437 Ideas for mixing the major and minor pentatonic scales. If you're a member on Active Melody you also get tabs, backing tracks and other extra materials. Basically everything you need to get going.

Lessons without video that I think lay it out nicely with charts and text are available at Applied Guitar Theory and Guitar Habits. Both sites have a few lessons on the topic. The material in the four lessons linked here is probably enough to get you everything you need to know.

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