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I'm a little confused with the posted strumming pattern for Exercise 4. The lead-up talks about skipping the down stroke on the 3rd beat, and the follow-up discussion is about keeping the motion even when you skip a down beat -- but the strumming pattern listed doesn't skip any down beats. It's basically 1-2-&-3-&-4. Am I misunderstanding completely, or is there an error in the posted Exercise 4?

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It's written wrong. Sorry. In fact, the last three examples aren't together at all.

I'll work on getting it corrected, but here's a quick run down:

First, the example marked "Tom's Exercise 9" should be part of "Example 3." Both of those examples are played in the third MP3 file.

Second, "Example 4" is currently in the wrong place in the text. It should come right before the fourh MP3 file, right after the paragraph that reads:
You should be discovering that, with a little concentrated effort, these patterns are not all that difficult to play. Occasionally skipping an “up” is usually pretty easy for most beginners. But skipping downstrokes, ah, that's another kettle of fish.

Let's tackle this technique by prepping ourselves with the following pattern:

Finally, this is the notation that should accompany the fifth MP3 file, right after the paragraph reading:
This is just another pattern where we're hitting each beat with a “down” and occasionally missing an “up.” Take a little time to get it into your system. When you feel ready, we're going to skip the “down” on the third beat. Set? Here we go:

Thanks for catching this. With everything that's been going on, I'm afraid I've missed a few mistakes that happened between writing the articles and piecing them together on the Internet.

Hope this explanation helps a bit. If not, just sing out!