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Any Other Way with MP3

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Well this is a song that I started way back in November for SSG, week 2. Finally got it done!

Please forgive my guitar skills, as I have only been playing for a little while. As for the vocal, gotta keep it down for the kids. Anyway here it is. Any comments appreciated. Thanks, Gwynne.

Any Other Way
Gwynne © 2006

I saw your picture
Just the other day
Boy, how you've changed
Since you went away

When I knew you, had some pride
Maybe a little too much sometimes

The black and white sat on a shelf
Lonely all by itself
Fade to grey, I couldn't have you
Any other way

I'm glad to see
How you've moved on
Boy, how I've changed
Just to get along

When you knew me I had some pride
Just not enough, sometimes


Knowing I'll never
Be there again
Boy, how we've changed
Happy where we've been

Now I live with lessons learned
Forgetting where you are concerned


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I really like it. You've got a good voice.

Nothing more to add than that. :)


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Wow, Gwynne, nice voice :) good control. And the guitar playing was just fine!

The imagery of the photo on the shelf is central. It's not cluttered with imagery. I can hear a simple emotional meditation on or inspired by a black and white photo on the shelf. It gets the point across in a direct and uncluttered way.

Nice song,

Ghost 8)

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Jason and Ghost,

Thank you for the replies, G. :)