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new lyrics tentative song

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heres my new song ive written lemme know what you think

Is there something more
somehting else i should be looking for
something tangible
thats real and can be touched

because ive been searching for so long
for the missing piece that wont exsist
as long
as i attempt to put it all together

chorus 1
this is what you might here
if the voice inside my head came
and slept with you awhile
the waves bouncing inside your head
might come crashing down

theres a void a chasm(caz-em) a great eclipse
blocking the part of me that gives a rip
i know
im blinded by denial of my own arrogance

so dont give me your theorys
about the root of my hypocrasy
im holding a grudge against
those whove kept me locked up tight

chorus 2
this is what youd see
if your eyes were spread this wide from seeing the sun
for the first time in a long time
if my eyes were you eyes
youd be crying from the inability to blink

chorus 3
and this is what youd feel
if you screamed so loud you couldnt here
your own thoughts forming inside your head
if my heart was on your sleeve
you might truly madly deeply understand what its like to be me....

chec out my music
pm if u like it or send me a message on myspace