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a pic of some of my...
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a pic of some of my gear

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Wow.... :) I like the acoustic to the left.

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NICE, I have seen music stores less well stocked :lol:

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thanks all. now that I see the collection as a whole it seems small. I may have to get a few things to round it all out. :D

indeed, those tow instruments are lap steels. the yellow one is a 10939 Epiphone. it's my main slide machine. got it on ebay and had the pickup rebuilt by Lindy Fralin (who makes great pickups). the other lap is one I made. I am redoing the fretboard. it's almost done and looks drastically different. pics soon.

and the ouds. what a cool thing to play. the sound is haunting the tuning is daunting.
no frets and all single note picking. I have three. one is good for hanging a a wall. it wqas a cheap tourist thing. one is so so. but the last (facing) is one I had made for me in Turkey. it's electric.

I have these recording ideas in my head. someday when I get set up I can realize what I hear .

so all you that need excuses to get more and more...sure use me as an example. I feel lucky hat i can do all this. but it's taken years to build up the nerve. Im so broke now, but the payoff is 8)

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