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Anyone own a Zager?

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I got to play one of these at some friends house last night and was blown away at the action on this acoustic guitar. It's better then most electrics I've played. The night got a little crazy and I didn't get to talk to owner much. But I found there web site today and was pretty impressed. Are these guitars as good as they claim? They have 100% return policy if your not happy for ANY reason and pay for even the shipping to return it. Prices start at $495. and go up to $995. I almost ordered one but wanted to see what you guys thought first, are they any good? It looks as good as any Taylor,Martin or Gibson in that price range and better then some of the higher priced ones. The sound is awesome too. I hope this is for real and I'm not getting excited over nothing. :) Check out there web site if you never heard of them and tell me what you think?