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"Are You In a Bubble?"

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OK....SO I'm playing my Gibson LP today and I'm playing along to a Black Crowes song called "Remedy". Have the volume on my PC set just right so I can hear the band and my guitar is not overpowering. I'm in the zone. Everything is going great. Then my 13 yr old son walks up and stares at me. "dad....Dad.....DAD!!!" I don't even acknowledge he is there. I just keep playing. He yells "DAD" again and then covers the strings on my guitar so I can't play.

It was like someone woke me up from a dream. He says, "'s like you don't ever see or hear people when you are playing your guitar. Its as if you are in this bubble or something." (steps away from me and acts as if he is knocking on a door)..."HELLO??? It's like you are in another world...DO you even hear me now???"

So I smiled at him and answered..."Yes, I am in a bubble when I'm playing my guitar." All the while I'm thinking to myself, "son...I'm 44 yrs old. I want to master this thing and I've yet to cut the grass today. I wish I was your age and had THIS kind of commitment towards playing."

As I write this, its getting close to midnight, wife and both children are sleeping over by Grandma's house, so I'm about to enter my bubble again. Please knock loudly if you need me.. I'll most likely be on stage with some famous group. 8)

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Yeah, my son doesn't ever seem to notice me or need me UNTIL I'm in my Bubble.
He's only 4 though.

He seems to get great pleasure out of finding ways to break my concentration.
If I'm standing with my foot on a chair resting my guitar on my knee, he likes to try and topple the chair.
Which causes me to strain my back trying to keep from falling while saving my guitar. :evil:
He did that tonight.

And yeah, I saw my 13 year old today, she was laying on a blowup bed in the frontroom under covers watching a DVD.
It was in the 70's and beautiful today.
This was around 1:30 in the afternoon.
I just don't understand.

She coulda been playin' the guitar or learnin' about the stock market or something useful if she didn't wanna go out and enjoy the day.

Oh Well.

Tell Adam Duritz I said Hi :wink:


"The man who has begun to live more seriously within
begins to live more simply without"
-Ernest Hemingway

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Knock knock....


Never mind, I'll just slip this under the door, and you can read it later. :wink:

Nice story. 8) Yes I know the bubble very well. I'll try and remember to look out for you next time I'm 'on stage'... :wink: . Once I get locked in concentrating on something, whether it's the computer, a book, something I'm building, or whatever, the rest of the world usually ceases to exist for a while. Nuclear explosion? Nah, missed it - what nuclear explosion? Naked supermodel? Nope, must have been looking the other way... pity about that... :? Odd, I seem to be having trouble with my vision - oh, it appears to be night-time already, when did that happen? And of course:

Wife: I TOLD you about that!
Me: No you didn't
Wife: Yes I DID!
Me: No you didn't. You just thought you did.
Wife: I told you twice.
Me: If I didn't hear you then it doesn't count. You have to make sure I heard you, otherwise you might as well have not said it anyway. Not that you did tell me...
Me: No need to shout. I can hear you just fine..
Wife: Occasionally....

etc.... :roll:

Unfortunately my guitar bubble is often burst by some idiot yelling about how badly I just sang/played something (and even more unfortunately, the guy yelling abuse always turns out to be me. :roll: )


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At my home, no one is allowed to burst the bubble.

Well we all shine on--like the moon and the stars and the sun.
-- John Lennon

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Wish I had a bubble... :(


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When I'm "In The Bubble" as you call it, the house could burn down around me and I wouldn't notice until my jeans caught on fire.

There used to be a question asked by psychologists; "What's the first thing you'd take out of your house if it was on fire?" Well, obviously, I'd try and take the fire out first - but the guitars would be next on my list.

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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I call it my zone. at jams with a bunch of players sometimes I will step out and get into my thing. I am quite aware of what else is being played, but I am way into what i am doing. then I finish and come out of it. I feel like I had been out of body almost. everyone is still jamming; playing hard, guitar faces etc. I think to myself, wow, where was I just now.

all the time I live in half a bubble. stuck being a visual artist it seems half my brain is always processing the information coming in. line, color, feel, weight, balance, symbolism, iconic. visual drawings and paintings. filing, filtering. it is always there.
all the time. it drives me nuts sometimes.

your (our) experience when playing guitar is the result of blissful concentration. I bet the brain waves flip from beta to alpha.
call it zen meditation, transcendentalism, focus, uniauralfixation. it is the best way to live the body and all its gravity laden tedium behind. it is time to be the notes. ommmmmmm

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Absolutely! When I get into my "bubble" everything else disappears, time has no meaning (until I realize that I've actually been in there for HOURS!!!) One good thing about living alone is that you don't have that many distractions so you can wallow in your "bubble" if you want to!!

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I wish my attention span were long enough for me to find my bubble.

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I'll get a bubble at some point. By the way, that's a great song to bubble too. :D

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a little OT but do you have a tab you use for Remedy? I love that song.

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Ummm I feel I am constantly 'in the bubble' haha. I can with it being summer, easily spend the whole day playing :D

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yeah, it get's bubbley.
i play mostly classical music and when i'm learning a new piece i'm like a zombie... trying to figuere out the fingering and positions of the nores of a 2-3 minute piece can take hours and if somone cuts me in the middle and i lose my consentracion... beh... nobody can really bother me while i'm reading.
not so true for technique practice, which is about half an hour a day... i find myself going on to auto pilot and my thoughts wonder...
anyway, i understand what your talking about! :D

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Biker Jim, here is a link for the tab for "Remedy."


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<-- another bubble boy

Guitar teacher offering lessons in Plainfield IL

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