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Back to basics.

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For the first few years I'd played guitar, I think I liked the idea of playing more than actually playing. Right now I can play heaps of songs, but my technique is pretty sloppy and I never put my fingers right behind the frets, and strings are always ringing out when they shouldn't be. My guitar teacher tried to teach me all the basic stuff, but I either didn't take it in or didn't practice it. Now I've decided that I should perfect the basics, and start over, from the ground up, so that I can build a solid foundation and get a way better sound out of my guitar.
Any good suggestions, opinions, or technique book recommendations etc. welcome.

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Welcome to the asylum for the musically insane.

Do you still have a teacher? If so, she/he could suggest some exercises. You could try some of these--

MacFarlane's exercises --and focus on technique while playing them.

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Checked out McFarlane's exercises. It's a well-organized site, with a good deal of information. It's nice to find a site where it doesn't take a lot of time to find what you are looking for. Leaves more time for practice 8)



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Sometimes going back to the really moving on to the priorities.

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Subscribe to Guitar Player magazine. Keep all the issues. Buy back issues. Learn the lessons in those.