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Beware maxaxeguitars and Ebay

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Just thought I'd let you guys know that I bought what I thought was a brand new guitar from this guy on Ebay.
When it arrived it was an obvious factory second, with a faint "used" stamp on the rear of the headstock but this was not mentioned in the add.
Other sellers of these state this quite clearly and even point out the blemishes.
I raised this with Ebay and they ruled in favour of the seller. He said it was an honest mistake and got away with it!
It has really put me off buying guitars unseen off Ebay, but I don't have many options down here in New Zealand where many guitars are hard to get.
Anyway, be careful if you are dealing with maxaxeguitars and ask them to stipulate if it is a first or a second as their adds are misleading.

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Well I know many others will feel the same as me on this, I would never buy a guitar I have never played - especially not on the internet.

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Every coin has two sides - I have bought 3 guitars via EBay and I'm happy with all of them. In each case, the deal went without a hitch, the guitars were exactly as described.

Yes, there are cowboys, looking to rip you off. There are also a large number of honest people trying to do a deal.

Perhaps, I'm the only person, in the world, that has managed to get a good deal on EBay - 3 times.

Sorry to hear that you met one of the cowboys. I hope that, as it was an "honest mistake", he offered to give you some sort of refund.

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I'm sorry this happened, if the ad did not mention what you found it would seem as if there was a misrepresentation. However, the ads do say that you have 14 days to return, did you decide to return (I went and looked at their Ebay ads) or was there a refund or partial refund given?

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Well I know many others will feel the same as me on this, I would never buy a guitar I have never played - especially not on the internet.
i got lucky with my favorite bass of all time.. a vintage 81' peavey t-40. there are some where you can get away with it but i agree, generally unwise

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I got ripped off by maxaxe on ebay too. I bought a bundle including a case and they never sent the case. They told me it was on back order for 45 days, at which point ebay and paypal won't help. I would advise anyone thinking of buying from them to avoid them. They are very rude too and even made religous threats to me. Charming!

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I use Ebay very regularly - but almost exclusively from private sellers and always on used items. Plus, I bid with the expectation that I may have to put some extra money into it. If you want to get a new guitar - use one of the big stores if you can't see it in person - they are licensed dealers and will ship product 5 times to get it right.