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Carvin Guitars

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As the wind blows, so do my guitar interests...

I'm thinking of selling my Schecter C1 E/A in MINT condition and a few other guitar trinkets to buy a Carvin guitar. I don't know the exact model or specs of the Carvin justyet, but it won't be a bolt - probably looking for something with a set neck. Any suggestions, or ideas?

Any experience out there with the Carvin guitars?

Any response to selling the Schecter?

I welcome your thoughts. I figure I could get $425 for the Schecter and would be looking for a Carvin in the $600 range.

Thanks y'all!

-=- Steve

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carvin makes a great guitar, check out the 727 and the 747 models, you can get them to your specs. 8)

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I have an AE 185, very versatile, but a bit above your price range. Carvin quality is right up there with the big names, better in some cases. Can't really go wrong, you can return anything up to 2 weeks after you get it. :)

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i doubt you could go wrong with a nice Carvin, i think they make really great guitars.