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Coil tap

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Hello, so I have a quick question. My Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro has coil tapping. I was wondering, if I wanted to put different pick ups maybe something active would the coil tapping still work? Thank you.

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Not with active pickups generally, since they basically contain a small amplifier connected to the pickup. There are some (EMG-89 I think) which are made in such a way that they can be coil split, not sure of the details, probably some form of internal switching that you wouldn't wire the same way as a passive split coil.
With passive pickups you can coil tap or split if they have separate wires for it (most aftermarket humbuckers do, you're looking for "4 conductor"). Split applies to humbuckers which you can switch so only one of the coils is playing, tap some people insist should only mean the ability to switch off part of a coil (usually three conductor).
Be careful fitting taps though, you can very easily end up with water all over your guitar.