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Do Angels play 12 S...
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Do Angels play 12 Strings?

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Just got a Takamine EG523SCB-12 It is gloss black and sounds as nice as I think it looks. The obligatory pic is attached. I think it will be fun getting to know this lady!
ps. don't have an acoustic amp, anyone know which is the better to play it through....Roland cube 30 bass amp, fender deluxe 90 solid state amp or Peavey Blazer 158. Sales guy thought the bass amp would be the best choice.

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i have the same guitar but not in black.

i played it thru my bassman with a DE EQ pedal and it sounded ok, but i sprang for a really nice acoustic amp and the differance is honestly like night and day.

get a PA and mic it or play it thru an acoustic amplifier, you won't believe the differance.

i highly recommend Fishman
or Ultrasound
the new Crate acoustic amps were very nice also as well as the upper level Fender acoustisonic.
they tend to be kinda pricey but you really do get a great value for your money imo


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Do Angels play 12 Strings?

Yes. Yes, they do.

But, seriously, beautiful guitar! Congratulations! There's nothing quite like the sound of a 12! I love playing mine! I hope you enjoy yours as much!

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You'll definatly love it! I've had mine for a couple years now and I still love playin it. I've got a Kustom 60 watt acoustic amp that I play it through and it sounds sweet!

If you don't have the cash to buy a new amp, then I'd say u play it through the bass amp, it will sound the best. I'm not exactly sure but I believe the voice coil in the speaker of a bass amp is allot better at picking up the subtleties of an acoustic guitar. Especially a 12 string.

Although I can't remember if I accually heard that somewhere or just made it up myself...... hhhmmmmm

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