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Ever wanted to jam ...
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Ever wanted to jam with a large group?

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This sounds like a silly, fun time.
LouieFest near Seattle, is planning on setting a world record for the most guitar players playing a single song together.

That song is: Louie Louie.

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Chris Evans got a line of about 20 or so guitarists on TFI Friday, way back when, and had them all play a few things together like the riff to OCS's Riverboat Song. That was quite amusing :) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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in a way it that would be cool.

but in other ways it would be too much.

I jam regulary with a buncjh of players. when we have more than two electric guitars going the jam gets very thick. as a guitarist we sound great; I hardly have to work.

but that is why we limit things to two electrics at a time. you work more and then we cna rotate other players in .

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If I remember correctly, a few years ago,Randy Bachman of BTO fame set a world record for most guitar players playing one song, and what they did was only allow Randy to use any kind of sound reenforcement, every one else had to play silently or something like that to avoid sounding, UH, less than what somethings smell like!

I think it was "Taking care of business".

Hey, I just had a thought! Probabily not a good one, but.......

How many of us are in this forum?........

Louie, Louie?.........

At the same time?........ :twisted:

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we could post a Louie Louie jam :D I'll see if I can find a backing track :lol:

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There's a guitar player here in Poland, who organizes these record breaking events on a pretty much annual basis. This May they set the world record with "Hey Joe" and 1581 guitarists. Wonder how the LouieFest's gonna turn out... :D

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There have been some pretty big jams with members from GuitarNoise. Check out Laz's (Dan Lasley) website. Click on some of the jams shown on the left.


I have been fortunate enough to attend two of these jams myself. In July 2004 there was a jam at the Bershire Blues Cafe in Lee, Massachusetts (not shown on Laz's page). At one time I counted over 18 musicians on stage. :D But it sounded great, everybody took turns and had a chance to sing or play a solo.

Ever get a chance to attend one of these jams, do so. Lots of fun and you get to meet some of the folks you talk to everyday right here.

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