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Fb-12 Pic

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Had my 14 year old snap a shot and somehow (unbeknownst to me) he's got it attached to this email.
Okay, I'll try getting off a shot of him with his 45 year old Harmony...mañana.

I bought the FB-12 in the pic in (I think) '67 when McGuin of The Byrds got into my blood. Eight Miles High and Tamborine Man will offer you the sound. Haven't seen nor used it in maybe five suffered weather cracks and the screws holding the pick guard down have tightened enough to split off to the edges. (The price moving half way 'round the globe, I guess???)

All in all it is a GREAT studio instrument. I often use it to enhance the decay of raunchy electric six string sustained cordings...WAY better than EQing the effect...


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Sweet looking guitar, Cat. I'd been wondering how the headstock on an FB-12 would compare to the normal FB. Like you said, there can't be too many of those about - I'd be willing to bet that's worh quite a bit. I'd also be willing to bet you wouldn't part with it, too!

:D :D :D


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Firebirds should have reverse headstocks. I don't think I ever saw an FB reverese headstock 12 string.
that would be too cool.
I am looking at FB basses that are in the catalogs. I wonder if they are playable.

I love old styling on guitars. especially from that era. what mojo.

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Oh yeah, that's cool!

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