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Getting comfortable?

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Hi all - a really basic question: what do you find is the best kind of seat/chair for sitting on when you play guitar? It's something I need to look at cos my back is starting to ache (currently using a cheapo plastic stool - good height but no back support...)

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Personally, I stand. Would standing work for you or would that bother your back more?

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Vic Lewis VL
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I suffer with a back problem; I can play standing up, but not for any great length of time....about 1/2 an hour, tops. I've found the best chair for me is a small swivel-stool with a low adjustable back-rest.

Something like this....

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I tend to stand, sit on my amp or even slouch on the couch or my bed. Then again, i am a lazy student :oops:

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Leaning back, feet up on desk. Sometimes in a recliner with feet up and leaning back a bit. I do stand once in a while.

If I'm playing with someone, I either do it standing or sitting upright on a padded piano bench or regular straight back chair. A lot of it is what I'm doing. Am I 'playing guitar', or am I 'playing a little guitar while sitting back and resting my head and neck' ?

If I am sitting back, but need to get serious because, gosh darn-it, I'm not doing the song properly and it's making me angry, I'll sit straight up and into a better guitar position.

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I've had two back surgeries for ruptured disks so I know what you're talking about. You will just need to find a solution that works for you since everyone's back seems to be different. Some people like to use drummer stools with a back rest. I've found that just resting my right feet on a small foot rest seems to change the angle of my back enough to make it much more comfortable. Good luck with your search for a solution!

-- Rob

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The person sufferring from a back problem need to take care of his back while sitting such a person can use a easy chair or sitt on a chair and keep his legs somewhere upstairs and completely relaxing the back while sitting. It is to be a best way of getting comfort.

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I have a bar stool I got at at a thrift store. I don't really sit,kind of a half stand with one leg on the resting bar.When I'm home it's the recliner.

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It varies. Armless kitchen chair, bar stool, standing, edge of the couch (or the arm).

I guess it depends on what room I'm in and what's available. And my mood

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key points.....

chair or stool or whatever (amp seems popular) with no obstruction such as arms (or people).

certainly go for a standing position


Tension is the killer...always was for me....muscle tension anywhere in your body has an effect somewhere your back for example...

so sit/stand proud and just RELAX

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i play lying down a lot. it's really comfortable once you don't have to look at your hands any more.