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Guild Starfire vs Schecter Corsair vs Ibanez AS153

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Hi everyone!

I’m looking to buy a 335/339-style semi-hollow. I’ve made a shortlist of possibilities but would really appreciate some expert advice from someone who has experience with the models I’m looking at.

Unfortunately I have very small hands and would like to be able to wrap my thumb around the top of the neck so I’m hoping to find something that has a pretty slim one and small nut width. Also, coil tapping or similar would be pretty cool.

I purchased an Eastwood Classic 6 HB but am returning it because the build quality was terrible. I own a Les Paul and I’ve realised anything that isn’t decently built will disappoint me by comparison. I’d probably prefer to buy a good guitar from the start than a cheaper one and have to upgrade. I could try to find a good Epi 335/339 (the smaller body might also be nice) and upgrade but I’d like a guitar that looks a bit more inspiring.

I’m looking to buy something now and not spend lots of time looking around for some great model from 1983 that had a great neck, etc. I’m not experienced enough to judge a good vintage guitar and I live in an area where they are neither cheap nor common (northern Europe). Just in case somebody was going to recommend something like that…

Thanks in advance!

My shortlist so far:

- Guild Starfire IV ST
- Schecter Corsair
- Ibanez AS93 or AS153
- Washburn HB35

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I have played a Epiphone casino coupe . I thought it was lovely , I have small hands. Great build quality. I couldn't fault it to be honest.