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Guitar Storage Question

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Hey all,

So my guitar collection is growing and I was hoping to get some advice on storage. Currently I have: 2 Acoustics (one cheapie and one Taylor), and one electric (Epi LP Special). I have the Taylor in the case resting against the wall and the other two on one of those three guitar stands

I now would like to get an amp or half stack but my guitar space is quite limited. I was thinking about wall hangers like this in order to free up some space for the amp:

Do you guys (or girls) have any feeling on these style hangers as far as wear and tear on the guitar as well as the walls behind the guitars (I would imagine that the wall would rub on the back of the guitar quite a bit). Do these have any adverse affects on guitars in general (like maybe only put the cheapie guitars on these and some other form of storage for more expensive guitars?)

A little additional info, the guitars are in my basement, which is kept at roughly 45% -55% humidity (depending on the accuracy of my dehumidifier) and the temp stays kind of cool but never extremely so. Typically I leave the Taylor in the case because a) I am concerned about it getting banged up and; b) I have heard that that case helps with humidity/temp issues. I also foresee in the not too distant getting at least two more guitars so freeing up space would be great.

Hope this post makes sense to y'all . Thanks for your help all I appreciate it a ton!!!

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I use these a very similar product to the one you show:

They seem to be a very good solution to keeping axes up and out of the way. Make sure they are screwed into studs or mount them on a board of some type. You can also get good quality hollow wall fasteners if you go that route. As far as the guitars rubbing the wall that is not a problem, they actually hang free of the wall (including acoustics) I have mine mounted on 16" centers so the only issue is taking care when taking a guitar down or putting it up. I am anal about not dinging up my guitars.
As a side note my buddy who is more frugal went to a hardware store and bought tool storage hooks that are U shaped and screw into the wall. He actually takes a short piece of copper pipe insulation (tube shaped foam) and puts it over the hook as well as the plastic coating that is already on them. They seem to do a good job. . I had already started with Dixons and wanted the same type for all my guitars


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There was a thread about this subject a year ago or so... look at most guitar stores... the guitars are handing on the walls. I think the only issue with this approach is to make sure the bracket is well padded to avoid scuffing the headstock part that sits on the hanger.

I have a corner of my basement which has two long boards screwed into the studs, and then hangers attached to the boards (6 hangers in all). That way you don't have to screw EACH hanger into a stud.

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