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I've hit the wall

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So I'm 15 and I've been playing guitar for about 3-4 years. And I was really improving with my solos and sweeps lately (getting faster, cleaner, playing with more feel) but lately it seems I haven't been getting any better at all. I'm not getting better at anything really, i just would like some tips on how to move on to the next level, I've been pretty irritated about this


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Can you seek outside help, a tutor or someone that will help you go to the next level... If not, how about learning a new song that seems impossible to do and start learning that?

Download a bunch of cheat sheets and posters:

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How about recording a composition of your own using those techniques that you know (could be a cover) - try to start from scratch or almost scratch - so maybe add some basic drums - then record it all to a click and those drums. Sometimes you find playing stuff to yourself is not too hard but when you try put it all down on record (or computer as it is these days) it's not always so easy. I don't know if you have a recording device (some kind of Sound card that translates audio into data) but if you do this would surely be a useful exercise and then (because you recorded it) you can see what things you are good at and what needs improvement.

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I think everyone goes through dry spells, don't worry. Sometimes I just put it down and do something else a while. either read theory or info. about recording or even get some personal info. on my favorite musicians. Also, I will often switch up instruments for awhile, maybe go to acoustic guitar, or bass, but usually I find myself on the keyboard. Every time I have a "dry" spell, it seems when I come back to my electric guitar, I am refreshed and better than ever.

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Youtube tutorial videos are great. They really let you see what you're supposed to do, rather than just reading about it.

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quit trying to get "better" and start making music you want to hear, because you're not going to notice that your plateau is actually a time of improvement in other ways than you're listening for, or else you're forcing repetitive stress issues, so you might as well play something you like instead of just running the same exercises all day.