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John Frusciante

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Does anybody know if John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing with a backup guitarist for good?

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You're refering to live earth I assume? Seems to me that may have been a one time thing, but from what I've seen all of his footage is by himself on tours. AND I know it's just him in the studio.

I'm a big fan of his.


Thanks Dudes!
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There are things you can do in the studio with a multitrack recording setup that you simply cannot do live on stage. Green Day have six on stage for live shows including Justin thingy as second guitar, Lifehouse had an extra bod on stage when I saw them, and Muse have a variable number at times during their shows but no extra guitarists. Even Queen used to have the odd extra guitarist (Spike Edney (sp)) on stage to help out at times, and he did some piano work too so Freddie Mercury could strut his stuff. Some shows would just be empty without the extra axe-slinger.

I like Frusciante's work too.


A :-)

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Frusciante is great, but I think the RHCP are average overall, songwriting wise and such.

But his solo stuff is great. Really great.

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Frusciante is the BEST...

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Thats the first time I've ever seen the Chilis with a backing guitarist. The only other time i've seen 'em with more than the four them on stage is the One Hot Minute stuff, when they had 3 or so backing singers.

Frusciante is brilliant, but he has layred a lot on the new album, in comparison with Californication or By The Way. Although back in the 80s he would put as much as five guitars down on one song.