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learned a new song

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Today i finally learned to play Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin. Not the solo though, but all the other parts i can now play perfectly. i'm going to play it at thanksgiving when i get together with my family, they all want to see how i play. i can play the beginning of the solo, but not much and not very well. The song was pretty easy to learn, the only part i had problems with was the 2nd intro riff, where there is a long stretch from the 2nd to the 5th frets on the A string. Whenever i would get to that riff i would mute the D string, and i had to play that string next so i had to keep it clear. Next i'm going to learn to play Black Dog by led zeppelin, but that one seems a lot harder :twisted:

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I'll add a 8) as well! There are some Zeppelin songs on the ESD you may want to check out as well. Good luck & keep jammin'! :D


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Congrats! 8)

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Congrats on learning Heartbreaker. Takes me way back, I spent a lot of time copying songs from Led Zeppelin II when I started. This was when the album first came out!

Good luck on that solo, that is a tough one. I read an interview once where Eddie Van Halen said he spent a lot of time on this solo and was difficult for him too. :shock:

And if you are into Led Zeppelin, check out Misty Mountain Hop in the ESD, it is super easy, you can learn it in minutes. :D

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Congratulations! It's always a boost and shot in the arm to learn something new. Believe you me, I know. Good luck at the "performance". :wink:

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I spent a lot of time learning that song. It has a special meaning to me. Some parts flowed well and some were just plain hard. I still struggle with the solo's.

Anyway's a big congrats! BTW that is one of my all time favorite songs.