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learned a new song

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Today i finally learned to play Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin. Not the solo though, but all the other parts i can now play perfectly. i'm going to play it at thanksgiving when i get together with my family, they all want to see how i play. i can play the beginning of the solo, but not much and not very well. The song was pretty easy to learn, the only part i had problems with was the 2nd intro riff, where there is a long stretch from the 2nd to the 5th frets on the A string. Whenever i would get to that riff i would mute the D string, and i had to play that string next so i had to keep it clear. Next i'm going to learn to play Black Dog by led zeppelin, but that one seems a lot harder

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I'll add a 8) as well! There are some Zeppelin songs on the ESD you may want to check out as well. Good luck & keep jammin'! :D


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Congrats! 8)

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Congrats on learning Heartbreaker. Takes me way back, I spent a lot of time copying songs from Led Zeppelin II when I started. This was when the album first came out!

Good luck on that solo, that is a tough one. I read an interview once where Eddie Van Halen said he spent a lot of time on this solo and was difficult for him too.

And if you are into Led Zeppelin, check out Misty Mountain Hop in the ESD, it is super easy, you can learn it in minutes. :D

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Congratulations! It's always a boost and shot in the arm to learn something new. Believe you me, I know. Good luck at the "performance".

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I spent a lot of time learning that song. It has a special meaning to me. Some parts flowed well and some were just plain hard. I still struggle with the solo's.

Anyway's a big congrats! BTW that is one of my all time favorite songs.