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LP on a diet

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So I found myself looking at guitars on rondo after a post about SX lp's. While looking at some of the reviews on harmonycentral I saw a post from someone that said ...

"Weighed about 10.5 lbs out of the box, but I didn't balk at routing out another cavity in the back to drop a lb off the weight because even if I ruined it I would buy another. (I wouldn't try that on a 2000 guitar...)."

So that leads me to wonder, how would you go about doing what this person mentions.... Well not so much how (I know how to use a router) but where would you do it on the guitar body. Obviously on the back side, but where? Create another pocket opposite the existing cavity?

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I'm not sure why you'd want to... ruin a guitar by putting a big hole in the back?? Just sell it and buy a lighter guitar.

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Here's a chambered Warmoth LP body:

Keep in mind their comment "we've made multiple chambers to avoid any funny resonance or feedback problems." Apparently you don't just start making randomly placed holes.

I think Dali Lima is right - just buy a lighter guitar.

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Yeah, I actually have an SX Les Paul, and it's a killer weight wise. I use a 2 1/2" wide leather strap, and it still kills my shoulder. There isn't really anywhere to rout it either-even if it was just an internal chamber. Plus, the body is encased in a think gloss finish, which would be ruined if you routed it.

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I'd say neither are right...It's only 10lbs! lol. Lift some weights, and get used to it. LP's are heavy, but it ain't that bad.

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My Les Paul used to kill my shoulder area. Then one day I tore a muscle in my left trap. I couldn't play standing up for about a month a a half. After the muscle healed, I decided to get back at restorting an old Hagstrom, mainly because I wanted another guitar, but it was also much lighter then the Les Paul.

It's not so bad anymore. I have strengthened my back, shoulders, and trap, so the weight dosen't bother me as much, but it still is alot if you have some injuries. However, it certainly makes it up with tone. That heavy body delivers some amazing sounds.

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To me, a SG is a LP on a diet. Not quite the bark of the LP, but it's (I believe) the lightest solid-body guitar. Yes, I'm biased because that's what I play. The lightness was one of the criteria in purchase.

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