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Motivation for Beginners!! =)

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I have posted twice on this wonderful site and the two times i did it helped me immensely gave me the confidence boost that i needed to continue on. I can now proudly say 4 months in to guitar playing i have pretty much have all the open chords down to a tee and can switch them no problem what so ever. This is the funny part that dang d chord i hated so much practiced 6,000,000 times is now for some reason by far the easiest chord for me to play i hit it virtually 100 percent of the time now a miss is very rare. I just wanted to say to beginners who are stuck on that one pesky chord or believe you cant or will never be able to do it. Theres one solution that works every time and thats to practice. As annoying as that word is to beginners including myself as very much still a novice it practice helps and works wonders if i can do it no one if here should not be able to. If you love it never give up work hard and you will get results i definitely did. Now off to practice bar chords =).

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A touch of masochism doesn't hurt either . . .


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Beginners??? Everyone needs motivation. Make a ritual out of getting started. Tune up fastidiously and deliberately...stretch out your until they stay tuned. By're pretty much playing, already. Motivation will always plague realise it and just go with it....... :D

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Well done Heavymetalhead, keep going.

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Yeah, HMH I'm a beginner to. I've got about 20 open chords under my fingers. Still have some more work to do on changing to Asus, but like you said it's all about practice.

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Thank you for this post!!! :note1: :D :note2:

:note2: :note1: :note2:

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Hehehe.... Something for you to ponder:

“Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice reduces the imperfection.” - Toba Beta

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It just gets better...the more you play the more you'll be able to do and the more comfortable you will become. In short, the more you pick up your instrument the more you'll enjoy it.