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My NEW guitar!!

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Alright, this post is way over due, but...
I GOT MY NEW ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! I went looking on Memorial Day (told ya it was way over due) and checked out Daddy's Junky Music, and was playing around on the Strats, Les Pauls, and a few Ibanezs. I picked up the 70's reissue Stratocaster, the neck was almost like a Les Paul's. So after that I went to the Guitar Center, just to compare prices. The 70's Strat was $609 at Daddy's, and $600 at Guitar Center. Not a big difference. So, up to that point, I hadn't plugged it into an amp, I just wanted to see how it played first. I plug it into the Spider II 300 (I think), and it sounded like a regular Strat, which I wanted.
Now the problem showed up. I only had $762. The Strat cost $600, and the amp (I decided on the Spider II 112, a smaller amp) cost $300. That's $900 total. I kinda panicked. However, since the Strat had a nick in the finish, and the neck's gloss had a fingerprint and cut in it, and I was buying all my stuff there, so the salesperson took of $105, so the total was $795. When I told the salesperson I was short $30, he said close enough.
The guitar is very nice, the neck it bigger, but has laquere finish which made the neck feel "sticky", but I got used to it. It has an olympic white finish, and maple neck. It's very nice. I'll get pics soon...

Thanks for all your guys advice and help on the topic of picking out my electric guitar!!!


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I'd love to see pics...!

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Wow, that is a great story. Congrats on the guitar.


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I paid for a guitar at guitar center before in mostly change. The guy that was helping me out was great. They may be a giant corportation that knocks out the small guy, but how can you compete when they have everything plus what the small guy has, and they still maintain the friendly atmosphere your looking for in a guitar store.

Congrats on the guitar.

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