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Playing in a band? ...
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Playing in a band? a couple guitar questions....

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Hey, Im new to this forum. Looks like a great place :D

So im fairly knew to guitar, ive been playing for about 18 months. Im not the best, but i'd say im decent. The hardest thing i can play is the solo for stairway to heaven. I recently got together with a bass player and a drummer from my school and we decided to start a band. We want to play rock, the song were working on right now is stairway to heaven.

My question is:

Say our drummer starts playing a beat, and the bassist starts playing a bass line. What should i play? Should i change scales or stick to a specific one? Ive been playing the pentatonic scales in the key of A every time, and it doesnt quite sound right.

I guess im saying i need help with improvising, like what scales to play with what chords

sorry... my question isnt very clear...

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you want to play in the same key as the bassist is playing. if he's playing in A minor or C major (which use the same notes), the A minor pentatonic will work. if he's playing in a different key, it probably won't work. if he's playing in G minor, you want to use the G minor scale or G minor pentatonic , etc.
either ask what key they're in, or if you know the shapes of the scales by heart, you can probably just try to find notes by ear until you can tell what key you're in, and then take off from there.
unless you're playing jazz or a song that specifically changes keys in midsong, you should just stick to the same key and scales unless you have reason to do otherwise.
do a little research on keys, major and minor. if you have specific questions, the people here will be glad to help you.

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Yeah, you guys need to play on the same key, but actually the same key isn't always the best key, you should check out Dhodges' classes on how to turn scales into solos, because every note is made up of three other notes, or something of the sort, check those lessons out, they helped me alot. But if u don't feel like it then just go with the same key the bassist is in, and try to find another guitar player unless you can play something other than scales. And if you don't know the scales, well all the pentatonics have the same shape so its just the same shape, just start at another place. :D ( the other guitarist is for the rhythm or secondary guitar, cause its kinda hard to play guitar alone at first atleast it is for me, unless I'm only doing some power chords coupled with a few riffs with the pentatonics and/or blues scales)

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ooh well.. that's a great idea. i've had the same idea before and I as the lead guitar but i didn't know why it ain't all began. ^^ well... goodluck on your band. just remember that practice makes everything perfect. good relationship with your bandmates is a must. be the best in everything. that's all. :D