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Playing In Public...

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Hey all...
I know many people here are anxious about playing in public and my Wife had a great idea. Our dryer just recently went on the frits so its my job to drive to the laundrymat and dry our clothes. Well I hated doing it because I get so bored and she suggested that I bring my guitar. So I grabed my campfire special (cheepy) and dragged it down there. It was kind of empty so I was quietly playing and a few folks came up and requested a few songs. I obliged what I could and we had a great time.
ANyway it made it easy to play because I wasnt exactly playing for an audience, well until they approached me. All in all it was a good time.

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Cool. Thats what music's all about.

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now all you hafta do is find a busy street corner, put your guitar case down and open it and start playing and you got yourself a business my friend well not really but it'll bring in money

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Yessir, that's what we call a Sole Proprietership...

Congrats on the good times.

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You'll be know as the, "Kool Kat from the Laundrymat" 8) .

I better get out of this thread before my wife see's it. Next thing you know I'll have 3 bags of laundry in one hand and my keys and guitar in the other!!!

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^lol, "Kool Kat from the Laundrymat" :) . Congrats, its a good idea to bring your case and leave it open. Don't count on anything, but hey! You r next campfire guitar could be a Martin! :roll:

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Nice!! sounds like you got some fun chores! keep up the playing. Like the name "Kool Kat from the Laundrymat" sounds very nice lol. Anyway just be careful some cities require a permit to play music in public places... I dont believe it costs more than a few dollers if its required! just check up on it if you can.

Keep up the good work!

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Boy, your wife is one smart lady.

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Don't tell your wife how much fun you had, or you'll be doing laundry forever!

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