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Problem with the nut on my Fender Jaguar..

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So I just bought a Blacktop Jaguar hh from a fellow and it's in fantastic shape.. However I play pretty hard and some strings (mostly A and D strings..) slip off the nut and need to be slid back into place. There is also buzzing on these strings when played open..
I'm just trying to decide if I should install a new nut, and if so how should I go about choosing one to match the action/fretboard properly?
Or maybe if it's possible to simply sand down the notches in the nut, but i worried that this would be a waste if time and only make the buzzing worse.
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I would rather just learn how to fix this myself than take it into a shop if I could.
Thanks everyone

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go ahead and carefully deepen the groove. if you mess it up take to a guitar repair person.