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Question on kid's guitar.

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I'm thinking about buying my 9 year old daughter a 1/2 size acoustic guitar.

I'd like to know if the width of the fretboard is smaller or standard width.

Her hands are pretty small even for a 9 yr old, and a normal width fretboard would make it hard to get some chords, e.g. G and any chords with a ringing open high E.


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1/2 size usually means 1/2 scale too(thats the length) I'll bett the neck is smaller but I'd take her out to try guitars like that because the neck might not be comfortable.

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"1/2 size" is a generic term - it's not literally half the size of a full-size guitar.

The exact dimensions are going to vary by manufacturer, but the scale length of a '1/2 size' guitar is about 15% smaller than a full size, and a '3/4 size' is about 10% smaller than a full size.

Those percentages go pretty much across the board - the width will also be 10-15% less, and the body dimensions too.

Those percentages might seem small, but they make a big difference. Most 1/2 size guitars are tuned a minor third higher than standard, to G-C-F-Bb-D-G. If you tune the shorter scale length to standard, the strings might be too 'floppy'.

That shouldn't stop you from getting a half size, if that's what's right for her - just capo on 3 and you can play together just fine.

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I bought my daughter a mini strat as the acoustic was not "Cool enough dad!" It is a 3/4 size and as small as she is it fits here fine and is not really heavy like my mahogany bodies I have. This was done for her 9th birthday. Take her to a shop and let her try the one you have in mind and then ask an instructor what he/she thinks. FIW nylon is easier to play. Good luck on your search!

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