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Recording Acoustic Guitar With Dynamic Microphones

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I have been trying to record my Martin GPC11E with an MXL 990 for quite some time. I used to have it straight to my Behringer  U-Phoria UM2 that connects to my laptop with phantom 48v supplied from there. I was having issues with electrical hum and I diagnosed the issue with a cheap transformer in my interface. In an attempt to correct this, I purchased a Yamaha MG06 Mixer with a better preamp and an ac power source. Unfortunately, the hum is still present. The hum is not from other appliances and led’s in the house. I know this because I made a little battery case that powered the mixer with the batteries instead of the ac adapter. I am now thinking about getting rid of the mixer and phantom power all together. I am going to try to buy a dynamic microphone to replace the MXL 990 and the Yamaha mixer. If you haven’t noticed, I am on a pretty tight budget. All of my equipment is under $100, so this new mic should follow suit. If anybody has any advice, tips, or recommendations, please let me know!! Everything is appreciated. Thanks!

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Sometimes I get a hum with lower quality mic cables. The high end mic cables usually give me a much cleaner signal. Good luck!