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Squire Affinity Strats

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Anyone tried one of these? How does the body feel/look (shape-wise, width, contours and all)? I'm in the market for an Alder strat body. Checked mercasystems and the body alone would cost £153, but my local store has this for £105.

I'm guessing I could strip the repaint and do a rejob on that (as I was planning to get an unfinished alder body and paint it). I know the rest of the kit would be cheapo compared to the gear I'm looking to have as my, um, 'standard set up' but, as I'm getting into modding, having a bunch of spare parts is no problem to me (may well be a boon) and for the price, if the body's basically the same thing getting all that for free and paying a lower price seems like a great idea. And thoughts on this guys?

If its any help, I'm probs gonna be floating the trem :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: but I was factoring in buying all the hardware (eventually) anyway so replacing the squire's trem if necessary is no problem.

I'll head down there over the weekend and give one of these a try, but I thought I'd float the idea here, as I know there are a bunch of people on here with way more experience than I in this.

Props for posting comments! :D

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