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Vox Tonelab LE vs. ...
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Vox Tonelab LE vs. Boss ME-50

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I know that there have been some posts here on both the Tonelab LE and the ME-50. I am looking at both, in an attempt to decide whether I should buy one or the other. I picked the "guitar Players Discussion" because I think the information on subsequent posts might be useful to all. However, if I have offended the powers that be, feel free to move this discussion to the "Opinions" section, or wherever else it "fits."

Okay, I am looking for thoughts and comments (both good and bad) on both. If you have experience with both of them - great you can A/B your comments. I have researched them both online and from what I have read, the Tonelab LE apparently has "better" tones, but is more expensive, and works great for someone playing live gigs. The Me-50 is a pretty good solution for someone looking to access lots of tones, all in one package.

Here are some questions I have:

1. What does each one do well?
2. What does each one do poorly or not do at all?
3. How "real" are the tones created?
4. How easy is each one to use (this is really important for me - I like it as simple as possible)?
5. Who would be the most likely user of each unit (working musician, in home studio, etc.)?