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Your most humorous gig'ing moment?

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Here's mine:

A long time ago (I think I was 14 or 15?) We're doing a little executive dinner party thing, nobody there knows who we are, we're just background noise. We're just playing stuff out of the real book no one's given us any requests, and that's ok, we're just having fun anyway. Very low key, low volume kind of gig.

So we're in the middle of some tune, and the rhythm guitarist starts walking the chords down, all in dominate 7ths and I'm just tossing in little frills here and there.. I7 VII7 bVII7 VI7 bVI7 ... and he comes back to the I and he keeps going!

I look at him a little wierd and he's looking at me kind of confused. We go around again, and he keeps going!!

At this point it's starting to get a little rough to keep this sounding interesting but I'm trying. He passes by the root the third time and I lean over and ask:

"Man, what are you doing?!"

He looks right back at me and says:

"Um, what key are we in?!"

Since it's just the two of us I decide to torture him a bit:

"I don't know .. pick one!"

What's really funny is that I don't think anyone noticed at all. But we had about 2 minutes of having a completely lost guitarist.

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Warning: Adult material!

I was in a hard-rockin' partyin' type band about 6 years ago. We used to get some pretty wild crowds.

One night we're playing and people are on the dance floor. Suddenly, this very shapely young lady in a very soft short skirt starts to dance very suggestively right in front of the band.

It comes time for me to play an extended solo. I get into it and play for several minutes. I am concentrating and looking at my hands while I play.

The song comes to the end. Suddenly, about 3 big bouncers grab this young lady and shuffle her out of the club. All the other guys in my band are laughing their a--es off! I look at them and ask what's so funny.

They say, "Didn't you see that??"

I say, "What?, I didn't see anything!"

The singer says, "That girl pulled her skirt up"

I say, "So?"

He says, "She wasn't wearing anything underneath!"

This is why you should look at the audience when you play, and not at your hands! :D

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great stories you guys, unfortuanetly I have nothing to add so, ill jsut keep reading

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A couple of years back I was playing a variety show, and for reasons I won't go into had volunteered to do a ballet sequence with three other guys, one of whom was about twenty stone, another tall and skinny, you get the idea.

Anyway, I was going to be coming off stage from my flamenco slot without enough time to change into the ballet kit and get back onstage again in time; so I had the ballet kit on under my suave guitar-playing gear. I also had the white ballet pumps on as it wasn't possible to run around backstage quietly in normal shoes. I used to put my shoes on in the wings before going on to play.

You guessed it - with five seconds to go until the curtain rose on my flamenco slot on the opening night I realised I was onstage wearing white ballet pumps instead of smart black shoes. I pulled them off as the curtain went up and threw them off stage left; played, stood up and bowed, in my socks.

A :-)

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In my younger days I was in a band that played alot of biker bars, you know the drill, Steppenwolf, ZZ ect. We had a singer who had a fondness for spandex and Mick Jagger type make-up, we always wondered a bit about him but it didn't matter so no big deal.
Anyway one night we are playing this big biker bar here in Denver, a place called the Berkley, one of the worst dives in town, the women there were tougher than most professional fighters. Things are going along nicely, played our first set, only one fight during it so this was shaping up to be a good night.
About halfway through our second set, for reasons known only to him to this day, he decided to announce to the world and about 150 color flying bikers that he was tired of living a lie and was comming out of the closet.
Let me tell you, you could have heard a pin drop.
The drummer, who I still play with started singing a chorus of YMCA, which got everyone laughing and got us out of there alive.

Pretty funny now when I think back on it, but I don't mind saying I thought we would be leaving in body bags that night.

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Besides groups that have been formed in school (concert bands, jazz bands) I've only been in one band, I was the drummer and it almost seemed like I was the bandleader most of the time (the other members were somewhat less motivated to practice, which eventually led to me quitting and the end of the band). But anyways, we were playing at one of the shows at school and during one of the songs our bassist decided to get a little fancy and played out in the crowd. The only problem was that there was alot of wires on the ground and he tripped over a wire which knocked the microphone down... being the drummer, i couldn't really stop so I had to keep playing, it almost felt like slow-motion the way it fell to the ground and started to feedback at a very loud volume. Oh, and in that same performance, I was doing a small drum solo and a stick flew out of my hands and almost hit a friend of mine in the face, luckily it missed.

That was the very last time I played with that band, but looking back it was a very funny experience.


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A while back, I was playing drums for a larger church-type gig in an auditorium at my college. For the most part, the stuff was quite up-tempo, but for one song the singer, a woman with an astounding voice, did a thing with just her and the acoustic guitar. It was beautiful.

While she was doing that, I was tightening up my kit and I picked up a new set of sticks... and dropped one which somehow managed to bounce off both the ride cymbal and my large tom before hitting the side of my bass drum. It was loud, ugly, mic'ed and in front of about 1,000 people.

:oops: :oops: :oops:

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The first time I played an open mic I was in college and was under the tutelege of a friend Dave, who was a classical guitarist, who convinced me it was time to come out and perform a bit. I was naturally really nervous, and when my turn came around I started to play a Dave Matthews tune called "so much to say". If you know it, you know its not too hard, but like a lot his stuff there is a lot going on underneath the vocal and you have to concentrate a fair amount. Anyway, Dave's girlfriend was in the crowd, and we weren't the best of friends. As I'm making my way slowly but surely through the song, she chooses to come up to the stage and move the mike away from my mouth!! My first public perfomance, nervous as hell, and she did it just to be "playful," as she put it afterwards. People like that should be shot.

He broke up with her.....eventually :D

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Oh boy, here we go...

I was at my friend's gig. I was just there for support and to check out there new lead singer. I was hanging out backstage between sets and their singer decided he wanted to play Good Riddance by Green Day. Surprisingly enough, their guitar player didn't know it. I did. They had one acoustic with them but no strap. I figured I would play with them but have to sit while I played. Come to find out there was no chair. They go back out with a new member, me, and announce that they're going to play a song that wasn't planned with just acoustic and vocals. Now, I still had no idea how I was going to play this considering it was an open school gym with no raised stage for me to sit on and the bleachers weren't open. After a second of thinking, I decided to try playing laying on my back. It worked...not very well and I missed a rather large number of notes, but we got it over with.

Next time someone asks me to play at the last minute, at least have somewhere for me to sit.

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