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Bridge Questions

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I just bought a new Fender Telecaster that I'm loving a lot.

The only downside that I can see is that it has the 3 saddle bridge setup. (I hope I'm describing this properly.)

The next Tele up is an American Tele for roughly $400 more. Other than being American (and to be quite frank I love the sound mine is getting so I can't justify the $400) the other big difference it that the more expensive one has separate saddles for each string.

I can purchase a saddle kit similar to the more expensive one for roughly $40 and can mount it myself I'm sure.

The question(s) I worrying about nothing with the 3 saddle bridge? Am I going to have "FUN" trying to reset intonation with this setup? Should I spend the $40 and buy the "better" bridge and replace the existing one?

Here's what I'm looking at buying...

Thanks for any opinions and observations.


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Lots of folks prefer the 3-saddle bridge. A good many Teles that came with the individual saddles get converted back to that old style.

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you will get many opinions for sure.
I just bought a Highway 1 tele. it has the traditional (vintage) three saddle bridge.

I have absolutely no issues with it. none.
the tone is all there. no intonation problems. it was set up at the shop perfectly.

IMO you should relax and enjoy your guitar. maybe after a year you may have an experienced opinion. then you can decide.

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If you have some intonation problems, check this recent thread:

Unseen Evidence
UE Reverb Nation Page

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that is a good link.

funny coincedence. I play lap steel and pedal steel. tuning them is an interesting task.
the coincedence of tele three saddle tuning as described is similar to where I tune some strings four cents flat in order for them to sound right when barred along with other strings.

after reading that article I know why I like my three saddle tele so much. :D

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i own a mexican tele and it came with the 6 saddle bridge. I personally like it that way?? just preference........I did change them however and put the graphtec saddles on it and a grapgtec improved tuning and made bending smoother and i don't break as many strings

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