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Build Your Own Cigar Box Amp - Intro to Electronics Workshop

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Calling all guitar players!

Due to great success at our previous clinics, we are proud to once again offer our educational class...

BUILD YOUR OWN CIGAR BOX PRACTICE AMP - Intro to Electronics Workshop

*Would you like to try your hand at soldering a circuit?
*Have you ever dreamed of building your own amp?
*Is guitar amplifier electronics a mystery to you?
*Would you like to learn about the different components of amplification?
*Would you like to have a small practice amp to bring with you on vacation or outdoors?


Amplifiers can be broken down into different components. Join us for this educational and hands-on workshop where you will get a great introduction to guitar amplifier technology and have a chance to actually build your own practice amp. You’ll learn to read a schematic as well as assemble and solder your own working amplifier.
WE supply you with all the parts. WE teach you what each component does. WE help you build your own - YOU leave the class with a working amp!

Read what our alumni had to say:

“Thank YOU! I had a blast! I didn’t know anything about electronics, but after this class I feel like I have enough information to try this project again on my own. I’m really impressed with your studio as well. It’s a beautiful space! I appreciate your patience with all my questions and look forward to taking other classes. Keep up the good work! Cheers! Filomena"

"I had a great time building my amp last night. I also learned how to solder without burning down anything. I look forward to your next workshop. -Jun"

"Thanks again Brian for another very enjoyable evening, learned a lot and feel very accomplished! All the best, Dave"

"Great workshop, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot, too. I’ll send a pic when I am finished with the enclosure for the amp. See you next week at the guitar class! Best, Craig"

Visit for all the details about date, time, location and registration!

Space is limited to 12 and registration is on a first come first served basis. Be sure to register in advance to reserve your spot.

Come to our workshop with questions. Leave with answers and show your friends what you’ve built in only a few hours!

Also be sure to check our website for the newest date for "The COMPLETE Guitar Repair/Set-Up Clinic", "BUILD YOUR OWN OVERDRIVE PEDAL", and "Tube Amp Technology".