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Notes Cut Out on Bends

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When I bend my high e string the sound cuts out part way up the bend. This happens from about the 12th to 19th frets. Would tightening or loosening the truss rod help maybe, or should I take it in somewhere to get repaired?

Thanks for any help!

edit: if it matters this is for a Gibson SG.

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Sounds like you are 'fretting out', as your action is too low for your current setup. Try a small truss rod tweak to give yourself a little space to bend. Loosening the truss rod would be the way to go I imagine. More relief.

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I'd raise the bridge if the neck is straight.

It's the reason I hate Fender guitars. Curved fretboard (short radius) means I have to have the bridge higher, and therefore higher action to bend the strings a lot.

Some Fenders have 7 or 9 in fretboards, I won't play anything under 12 and prefer 14.

But that's just me. YMMV. Jeff Beck does pretty well with a Fender.


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