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S-1 switch?

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I made a thread about this in Beginners, asked to have it moved here, but they haven't done it yet -.-

Anyways, search wouldn't work with "S-1" so here I am to ask: can I slap one of those S-1 preamps into the Mexi HSS fine? Or are there gonna be issues?

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I don't know enough to probably even comment on this but if you can find a wiring schematic of each guitar you can probably decide for yourself if you can rewire or make the modification.

That might give you a place to begin.


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The S-1 switching is just a set of special pots and a Fender Deluxe switch. It can be used with any pickups that have 4-conductor wiring. You can definitely put the S-1 switching into your strat, but you will have to update your pots and switch. The easiest way to do this would simply be to buy a wired S-1 wiring harness.

here is an example:

If you want the tonal variety that the S-1 system gives you, I would HIGHLY recommend talking to Tom at TFN technologies. His work is IMPECCABLE and much easier to install.

Here is his website:

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