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Squier Strat Pickup Replacement

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Good afternoon folks,

I'm going to be buying a new guitar soon (Jackson DK2 Dinky, Eerie Dess Swirl :D), and so I thought I'd used one my of current guitars, a Squier strat bought for < £100 2 1/2 years ago, as a bit of a testbed for some stuff.

Now, when I play it, it sounds terribly thin for stuff like Metallica/Iron Maiden et al, having said that, the clean sound with the right pickup selection sounds lovely (to me) - I'm looking to get a better Distortion sound though.

I've been looking at EMG Pickup sets such as theese; / , which both seem to have no need for soldering of wires (I can't get at a soldering iron until i'm back at Uni in september), which is useful.

My question is, is it worth doing this to get a better sound, or am I beating a dead horse trying to get a better sound from the guitar? I'd be really chuffed if it would make a signigicant difference, its (again, in my opinion) a lovely guitar to play!

Cheers for any advice,

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I wouldn't bother