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[Bosch Racing] Triple_Headstock_Jam_II.mp3 Charvel/Jackson

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ShaQ, Farhill and Bosch proudly present the second “Online Jam Venture”:


1= Bass
2= ShaQ
3= Farhill
4= Bosch
5= ShaQ
6= Farhill
7= Bass
8= Bosch

Charvel San Dimas IV - Jackson SL2 TBP 8/12 - Charvel 750 XL Lane

Visit: Bosch Racing

Bosch Racing

Posted : 25/03/2007 1:40 pm
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Great groove. Some thoughtful playing. Very nice. Love the bass. Speed with direction. There was someone here looking for guidance in this particular subject. Some harmony lessons for the patron of this site would be appreciated. I know, you probably don't have time and probably get paid for lessons but it was just a thought.

Posted : 27/03/2007 6:47 am