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Guitar solo over "B...
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Guitar solo over "Benson Disco Funk" backing track

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I'm happy to share this funky backing track I really love. Wanted to give it a shot. Had to reduce the tempo a lil' bit (from 115 to 108 cause it was hard to play some of the phrases I had on my mind at 115bpm). Hope you will like it.
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Posted : 30/06/2023 6:26 pm
Paul Hackett reacted
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Cool, thanks for sharing. Nice playing. You've just introduced me to a new channel with lots of cool backing tracks. Can't wait to explore more this weekend.

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Posted : 30/06/2023 9:44 pm
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Hey! Thanks for your message! Yeah this channel rocks, You can have a lot of fun with it! :)

Posted : 02/07/2023 2:59 am