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I think is a blues
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I think is a blues

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Hi, new song uploaded, I think is a blues but I'm not sure. Please, check out my song.



Listen my music at:

Posted : 30/03/2006 4:51 pm
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That was pretty good, I enjoyed it. The intro is a little long and repetitive.

The vast majority of the guitar solo is Blues based, it is the Minor Pentatonic. But I would not call this song a Blues song. It is a fusion of several styles, Blues, Rock, Classical, Techno Industrial... Absolutely has a European flavor to it. The piano at the end is not Blues at all.

But I enjoyed it. I do not usually go for this type of music, but it was pretty good. It was catchy.

Keep up the good work.

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Posted : 31/03/2006 1:31 am
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That was cool, Solo.

As Wes said, it's catchy!


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Posted : 31/03/2006 1:46 am
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Thanks both!

Catchy one of the things that I look for in my songs.

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Posted : 04/04/2006 9:22 am
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wow awesome

the heart beart thing man wow really sets a magical mood

( at the very begining )

I one aspire to be able to this sort of music

I am impressed

Hilch :?:

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Posted : 05/04/2006 7:53 am
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Not blues but cool neverthless. :D The intro was indeed a bit long but it does serve it's purpose of building up tension. The drop back to just the riff might be done a little bit more drastic, maybe use a slightly fatter and wider synth sound to give it more power. Anyway, nicely done. Textbook example of how to use a simple rhythm/riff till the max.

Keep it up!

Posted : 07/04/2006 9:36 pm