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Moves Like Jagger - Fingerstyle

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Hey everyone! Just thought I'd post this up, it was quite challenging for me to keep the bass up with the melody, but I think it worked out okay! Quite an easy arrangement when you get the bass independence going.

The other difficult thing was having the bass not over power everything in the recording...I actually didn't do hardly any EQ to this, just a bit of bass roll-off. The mic placement was key for me I think in recording something where there was a constant bass.

Hope you enjoy it!!

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Thanks Joe, and where'd 'ya go? I've always enjoyed your playing and learned from it. You and the Breed are definitely sounding very phat at that! Clean strings, nice tone & timbre, great playing and you have a keen ability to share, take care! :D

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Nice work as usual Joe! Keep them coming. 8)

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