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Play Crack the Sky-...
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Play Crack the Sky- Brand New

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Hey guys,

I've been trying to get my singing voice back after not using it for a while. I've also been working on harmonies so I thought I'd record the only song I know with bunch of different harmonies. I love the end part of this song. If only I could do it justice :? . Maybe in a few years :).

Lemme know what you think. This is one of my favorite bands by the way, check them out if you don't know them.

Play Crack the Sky- Brand New

aka Izabella

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good song. your voice is wonderful. you can really sing.
funny thing I learned about using ones own voice for harmony;
it ends up sounding confusing, because it is the same sounding voice. when different voices harmonize, well.
your harmonies were good.
wish we could have backup singers on call.