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Simple Man, Graham Nash 1970

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Rene A
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Graham Nash wrote this heartbreaker on June 7, 1970, just hours before his show with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at the Fillmore East in New York City, where he performed it for the first time. The day before, he broke up with Joni Mitchell, whose life together he sang about in the 1970 CSN&Y track "Our House." It was devastating for Nash. "My whole world fell apart," he said.

Dedicated to all our heart-broken fellow men and women.
Time heals. Love is the greatest!!!
Hope, peace and love to all peoples!!!

Posted : 01/10/2022 1:03 am
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Paul Hackett
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Such a heartfelt song. Graham Nash is no easy cat to cover. Your voice is sincere and carries it off really well.

It's good to see what chords you're playing, making it easy to jam along to.

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Posted : 01/10/2022 6:26 am
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Rene A
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Thank so much Paul.

With respect,


Posted : 03/10/2022 1:22 pm