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Sister Golden Hair, America 1975

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"Sister Golden Hair" is a song by the band America from their fifth album Hearts (1975), written by Gerry Beckley.
Beckley says "There was no actual Sister Golden Hair." The lyrics were largely inspired by the works of Jackson Browne. Beckley commented, "[Jackson Browne] has a knack, an ability to put words to music. I find Jackson can depress me a little bit, but only through his honesty; and it was that style of his which led to a song of mine, 'Sister Golden Hair'."

I dedicate this song to all our sisters with silver hair!!!
My hair is turning silver, and a lot of our family members are getting up there in age and wisdom.
Respect and love goes to our elderly and our loving family members who we tend to forget and take for granted!

Feedback is much appreciated.

Posted : 16/01/2023 1:36 am
Paul Hackett reacted
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Really nice. This song always reminds me of old friends. Or maybe old flames?

It's a fun strumming song, like a lot of America songs, and you play it really well.

Thanks for sharing here.

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Posted : 16/01/2023 8:55 am