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Help with guitar recording!!!!!!

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Hi guys,i am using zoom g2.1u and my guitar is epiphone les paul standard.I have already installed the zoom ASIO driver software in cubase but the sound isn't as nice as what i saw in youtube.I have seen people on youtube using the same multi effects pedal and guitar as mine and yet they are able to create an awesome tone.Am i lacking of something?Thanks!!

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I hardly know where to begin. Just having a particular guitar and some software will not automatically make your sound great.

You'll need to tell us a bit more. Are you recording direct into the PC or are you playing through an amplifier and using a mic to record the sound? If the latter, what amp? What mic?

What post-production are you doing once you get the dry mix into Cubase?

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Does it sound good if you plug headphones straight into the zoom pedal? Can you post a sample? That might help us hear where the problem is.

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Since you mentioned using ASIO drivers in your computer, I assume you are using the USB interface to record thru the Zoom?
In that case, the pedal becomes your computer's "sound card " during the recording.

when you say "not as nice" what does that mean?
Tinny? Buzz? too distorted? too bassy?

jwmartin's question is a good one. Does it sound like you want it before it leaves the Zoom?

Let us hear what your recording sounds like, and maybe give us a link to the sound you are trying to get.

There are a lot of things that go together to create an "awesome sound". It starts at the fingers, and ends at the recorder. There's a lot of things between.

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i use the exact seem pedal and generally needs some tweaking you could of used the noise gate or the eq to get a good tone if you havent already as that tends to be forgotton.

The best thing i do is get one of the banks and just make it completly with nothing on it and see how it sounds and if their feed back use the ZNR to reduce it and just work from their till you get something your happy with

you should also coinceder that in demo that try to advertise they would make it sound good to make it look good and people reviewing wouldnt put it up if it was bad