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Is this everything I need ?

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Ok, after much reading and searching I have determined that this is everything I need for a small, but fully functioning, bedroom studio.

Laptop with large dedicated 10,000rpm hard drive, Cubase Le and a drum program/loops.
Conneted to this we have a Behringer XENYX 802 mixer with the following 5 connections (not all required at the same time):
2 x microphones - one for vocals, one for acoustic guitar
electic guitar run through a zoom g2.1u
bass guitar through Behringer V-Tone Bass DI box and possibly an eq stomp box
keyboard - connected directly to the mixer
also 2 x monitors of some kind.

hopefully that should cover all the hardware required, lemme know if i've missed anything
one questions remains though - how does the mixer connect to the laptop ? if its usb based, no worries, but if it connects via the soundcard I may need to upgrade as mine is pretty poor and i believe that could lead to latency issues ?

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10000RPM is nice for a hard drive but not absolutely necessary. For the price and considering what you plan on recording it's overkill and not nearly worth the extra cash. A 7200RPM drive is fine.

Instead of buying a Behr mixer and a DI, why not buy an interface with instrument level inputs? There are plenty of them out there now. Toneport UX1,UX2, Tapco Link USB, Tascam US 144.

These are far more functional than any mixer will ever be. The mixer is only for input remember. They don't function as a control surface unless they are specifically designed to do so and if so are priced to reflect that. Don't get dazzled by the idea of having a mixer. Mixers are not essential in a home studio as most mixing is done "in the box".

A good interface such as the aforementioned ones also will come with software. In the case of the Link USB, it comes with a full version of Traction 2. There are plenty of FREE(and legal) amp emulators out there.

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thanks for the reply hue

you are correct, i was confusing myself with just how much a mixer would do for you - as you say i'd only be using it as an input. turns out a toneport is only slightly more expensive than the mixer/di option i originally planned. Plus it comes with gearbox software - a particularily appealing idea for me as i can edit my guitar sounds using a mouse much quicker than by fiddling with the zoom pedal

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Make sure your computer has enough RAM. I up graded mine from 256 to 768 (added 512).

BTW, you will always find something else you need.

Have fun!

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Maybe it's just me being snobby, but I do have a preference for a dedicated hard drive, or a dedicated hard disk recorder. I recently got a Tascam 2488 MkII, which has an 80Gb hard drive and 24 tracks, eight inputs, monitor outs and USB connection - I'm unlikely ever to record direct to PC ever again


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nice thread.
I am setting up and have begun connecting.
I have:
powerful computer
digital audio interface (Lexicon Lambda) with Cubase LE
power amp
passive monitors
DI box
MIDI keyboard controller
drum machine

connecting had me confused because I thought I needed to have the mixer in the signal path.
I dont.

I am waiting for the MIDI to arrive.
oh, hey, I have a question.
where in the signal path should the MIDI controller go?
for that matter, where does the drum machine go?
I want to use MIDI and rthis is very new for me.

what is a good way to set this up?