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Is this right

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I was thinking of getting a mic to record and i wanted and all round mic to record drums and guitar and vocal and i sent a message to i shop to ask for advice i wont mention the store or disclose to much info but essentially they told to get these

Rode NT2 a studio solution set £250

Shure sm57 for guitar £80

or shure sm 58 £90 for guitar and vocals adding that their a bit dull

for a kick drum i need a Akg D 112 £120 plus the shure mic for cymbels

and then rode nt5 matched pair for over heads £260

essentailly the cheap solution with the information give would add up to £470

i don't really trust it for some reason as i read prevouse guide to recording and have been told people recording drums from one mic above the drum kit and why couldnt that mic be used to record guitar and vocal with editing devices to modify the sound afterwards or have a seperate mic for vocals.

So can i have your opinions on do you think this was honest advice or they just trying to sell me anything exspensive and taking advantage of my lack of knowledge.

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the SM 57 is a mike that is standard in recording. it is a great mike for amps and guitars.
a dynamic mike works for vocals, especially for screams. a wide diaphragm mike works for vocals and acoustic instruments.
I have never had to mike a drum kit so I know nothing there.
my experience with mikes is with my desktop recording.
Rode NK2 I have heard are great mikes. I cannot afford one yet.

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Snare, toms, hi-hat are all regularly close-miced with SM57s.
The kick usually gets something else (AKG D112 or Seinheisser 421 are common) that handles the low end better

Normally drums are recorded by micing each drum in the kit individually, and putting an additional overhead mic to pick up the cymbals.
Micing with a single overhead (no matter what the mic) wouldn't sound very full.

The SM57 is probably the closest you will find to a "universal mic"

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